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Over the years, my passion for creating clothing has been a driving force in my life. Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, I found peace in my atelier, pouring all my energy into crafting a single jacket and learning as much as I could from the process. It was during these long hours of dedication that the idea of building my own brand took hold.

Enter Haffet, a world where I could finally create whatever I wanted, free from limitations and expectations. It brought excitement to see people respond positively to my designs, and I felt a sense of pride knowing that my vision resonated with others.

However, as I continued to grow my brand, I quickly realized that building a successful fashion label requires so much more than simply creating clothes. Despite my love for designing, I knew that I needed to evolve Haffet into something bigger.

Now, I'm excited to shift my focus to transforming Haffet into a design agency that represents my unique vision and allows others to experience it in their own way. I'm still free to create the designs that inspire me, but now I can share them with others in a way that truly captures the essence of what I do

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