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In the tapestry of life, we face both positive and negative aspects. Embracing the affirmative brings strength, while the softer, feminine side adds depth to our experiences.

Every day, we reflect on our choices, challenging external perceptions. It's a constant debate between the angel and devil on our shoulders, guiding us through the intricate web of decisions.

The devil, often misunderstood, sometimes leads to necessary "bad" choices, sparking positive outcomes.

Our thoughts shape our present, influenced by the unchanging environment of night and day. Both night and day, with their different emotions, are important to our journey.

Life's dual sides subtly influence decisions, like the dance of the moon and the sun. Balance between masculine and feminine, "yes" and "no," and the angel and devil is crucial.

Choosing the "bad" side isn't always a misstep; it reminds us that risks lead to growth. The interconnectedness of these dualities weaves a richer narrative into the complex tapestry of our lives. Understanding these forces helps us navigate our journey.

Let this photo series be a visual representation of these dual aspects of the human mind and body.


Life is like playing chess with yourself. Sometimes you move forward, but then something holds you back. You try to figure out the best way to go, like planning your moves in the game. When things don’t go as planned, you have to adjust or think ahead.

Chess has been around for a long time, helping people get better at strategy during battles. Life is similar, with its ongoing struggles within and against the world. You aim to find your path to success. In chess, you try to corner your opponent. In life, you strive to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Just like in chess, where every move counts, every decision you make in life shapes your journey. It’s about learning from each move, whether it’s a success or a setback, using that knowledge to navigate your path forward. In the end, both life and chess are about strategy and making the best moves possible.

This closely mirrors the duality of human nature, resembling the contrasting forces in a game of chess. Your dark and light sides, much like the chessboard’s black and white side, are in constant debate with their opposite. Whether you are the black or white side, the struggle against its the other side continues.

Pictures: Chris Haakman

Models: Stoic Twins, Milan- en Maurits de Raaij

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