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This collection is a combination of casual and comfortable clothing, made for every occasion. Inspired by fascinations of geometry, synchronicity, and nature around us. To be one with yourself to be one with yourself and the world around you.

About the first seasonal collection:

"The Dutch dunes are a place I often visit. A surreal calm environment with her roughness that shapes its character. Shapeless as it is, it has its character yet changes day by day. Our spring collection tries to express this with natural, comforting clothes that keep you in the moment and at ease all the time."

All items are made of 1st-grade vintage wool and polyester that were woven during the mid-80s in East Germany and produced for the army at the time. The dense fabric naturally keeps you warm, is water resistant, and matches its color with the natural surroundings because of its natural colors.

Using vintage fabrics means going back in time and understanding what shapes us today. Learning from old techniques and giving it new life by making it available in modern times.

Sand is massive when still, and airy when moving.

Sea and sky become the horizon together.

Plants exist through each storm.

The shadow that dances.

Pictures: Chris Haakman

Models: Stoic Twins, Milan- en Maurtits de Raaij

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